Spiritual Care

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;

we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A lot of people equate spirituality with religion, but in truth, religion is one aspect of spirituality. Spirituality relates to all the non-physical aspects of ourselves – our emotions, our spirit, our soul, what gives us a sense of purpose and meaning and so on.

This physical world in which we live can be really challenging at times – through situations and circumstances that are both beyond and within our control. My sole focus is to help you to live your best possible life – whatever that means for you.

Through this business, I offer you a number of ways to work with me to help you create that life.

These are quick links to services and products offered on this website

Quick Help
Psychic Medium
Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care

Quick Help

You have something that you want some assistance with and you know you don’t need a full session. You might even think you know the answer, but you simply want to bounce it off someone impartial.


In a session, I connect with whoever it is that wants to come through and support you in your journey.

Heart & Soul Coaching

You want to achieve a specific goal outcome and need some support to achieve that.  We get down to the nuts and bolts.

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Crystals To Inspire

Hand crafting bespoke jewellery and selling some beautiful crystal pieces

Doing Death Better

Support and guidance to make end of life easier

Little Shop of Beads

Selling small quanitites of quality beads at reasonable prices