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Strengthen Your Resilience so you can enjoy your work again as a health and care professional, in ways that are simple to do!

Even though the reasons to strengthen your resilience are clear as day, finding the right way to do that for you can be anything but.

Where do you start?

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Hi, my name is Sharon Tregoning.

Do you share this belief? By addressing our spiritual and emotional issues, we can live a more peace-filled and contented life.

Over a decade ago, I was deep in the depths of depression, requiring large quantities of anti-depressant medication just to keep me functioning.

Today my life looks very different – because of the work I have done on myself, both with some assistance and also on my own and also by reconnecting with myself, with my Divinity.

Spending a number of years working in the end of life care space along with exploring spirituality and metaphysics have only served to strengthen that belief.

Our lives in this physical world are incredibly precious and you want to live it fully, no matter what. If you’re having some issues with doing this, or creating peace and contentment, then working with me might be helpful for you.

Below, you will find some Client Profiles of people that I work with – you might find yourself in one or more of those.

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Peace and contentment can be created in your life, no matter what stage you are in. If you are seeking more of this, I invite you to take a wander around the website and if this work resonates with you, reach out and let’s see what might be possible. The work is all about living well and dying well.

While I live in Noosa in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, most of the work can be done via the phone/web, which means I can serve you no matter where in the world you are 🙂

You already know what you need to know to help you help yourself…I can help you remember

Client Profiles…

You’re on your end journey…

Photo used with permission. Copyright Pinni B Photography

So the doctor told you that you are on your end journey – it might have been a shock or it might have confirmed that feeling you had inside of you that you didn’t want to admit out loud.

Now that the initial rawness of the news has mostly softened, or even just a little, you know there’s some things that you need some help with.

That old phrase, “getting your affairs in order” comes to the forefront of your mind. But what does that even mean? Is it just creating or updating your Will? Is it decluttering? Is it ticking things off your bucket list? Is it resolving some of those issues you’ve been putting off?

The news has brought up a whole host of emotions within you – some days you’re really angry; some days you just feel incredibly sad and other days it’s OK.

You’ve told family and friends and the reactions have been mixed. Some feel like they’ll be a big support and others you don’t feel like you can be honest about how you are feeling because of how much it upsets them. You get it, it’s to be expected. Or you might have loved ones that don’t live close by. Again, you get it, they’ve got lives of their own.

But where do you fit in? Who’s there for you? Who’s going to help you sort through all of this?

As an End of Life Doula and a Spiritual Counsellor I can help you navigate the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects so we work towards you experiencing your definition of a good death.

Someone close to you is on their end journey…

You don’t want to experience regret as part of your grieving experience.

We will reduce the chances of you having the experiences of, “I wish we could have done …”, or “I wish I had have said …”.

You want to have treasured memories, not painful, heartbreaking ones.

You’re feeling alone and desperately wanting to share what it’s like with someone who has some understanding of what you are going through.

I support you by:

  • Giving you practical strategies and suggestions to make things easier
  • Doing energy work to create a peaceful and loving environment
  • Giving you a safe space to vent

I believe it is possible for you to be able to treasure this time and feel supported.

Through working together, you will feel supported and we can make the journey just a little bit easier for both of you.

You’re a nurse, or You’re an aged care professional, or You’re a community care professional…

You have patients/clients that you see, day in and day out or you have looked after for months or even years…

You laugh together,

You share stories,

You know their loved one’s names,

You know their likes and dislikes,

You know their medical history,

You’ve talked about anything and everything,

They almost feel like family to you…

How do you avoid getting burnt out or becoming desensitised in your work?

I can help you strengthen your resilience so that you can keep doing the work you love with the people you love.