Are you needing some ideas on how to nurture yourself and work on feeling better? Here’s a list that might help. Note, yes, some letters have more than one suggestion as they are too good to not include…

A Alone time – regularly spend some time on your own (Tip for newbies, it may take a little while to get used to…)

B Boundaries – create and guard your boundaries. Say no (when you want/need to but are inclined to say yes…)and don’t justify it

Bubble therapy – get some kids bubble blowing stuff and get blowing

C Chocolate – OK I may be biased, but chocolate always makes me feel better!!

Community – If you have the time and can make the commitment, get involved in a community group that interests you. Giving and connecting with like minded folks is a great way to feel good

Creativity – let your creativity flow, there are ways that all of us express our creativity

D Deeds – do good deeds for others, even anonymously

E Exercise – get your body moving, even gently will make a difference done regularly

F Films – watch a film that leaves you feeling good and uplifts you

Food – be mindful of eating in ways that nurture your physical self (but don’t feel too guilty about indulging in comfort food every now and then)

G Gardening – gets your hands dirty and growing things or weeding

Gratitude – have a practice of regularly expressing authentic gratitude for the blessings in your life – no matter how small or big

H H2O – make sure you are drinking lots and lots of clean water

Hobbies – Are you a collector? Are you a reader? Do you do something adventurous? Do you play competitive chess? There are a whole host of hobbies and interests that don’t just pass the time, but can build skills and give you some time out.

I Intimacy – spend time being truly and deeply intimate with someone who you trust completely. And remember intimacy does not have to equal sex

J Jiggle – get your body moving, dance, shimmy, jiggle, whatever floats your boat, just get moving

Journalling – get the crazy monkey mind thoughts and emotions out of your head and down on to paper (especially beneficial if you are feeling overwhelmed)

K Kindness – treat yourself with the same kindness that you do for the most precious person in your world

L Laughter – There’s a reason for the saying laughter is the best medicine. That’s because it releases the feel good endorphins through your body. Find something to get you laughing.

M Massage – indulge your physical self in a relaxing massage

Meditate – Spend time meditating on a regular basis

Music – they say music calms the savage beast, it can also make you feel really good

N Nature – as much as you possibly can, spend some time being in nature.

O Oxygen – breathe deeply and really fill your lungs with oxygen. If you’re stressed, take five long and slow deep breaths, each to the count of five

P Pet – spend time with a pet, borrow a friend’s if you don’t have one. Pet therapy is a recognised therapeutic modality

Q Queen/King – treat yourself like a Queen/King and indulge in some things that make you feel really special

R Read – make time to read on a regular basis, particularly books that inspire you

S Sex – get your jiggy on and go for it

Sport – More than just exercise, this could be a team or individual based sport

Stillness – make time to just stop and be (This is easier said than done at first…)

T Tribe – spend some time talking/being with your tribe, your inner circle, the people who get you, who love you and who support you totally

U Underwear – for me, I always feel a bit special if I am wearing matching underwear. Wear them and other special clothes frequently, don’t just save them for a special occasion.

V Visualise – spend some time visualising what you want to create in your life and feel the feelings as if it has already materialised…then take inspired action

W Wins – make a list of all the wins in your life, especially the ones that really took effort for you to achieve…and then celebrate!!

X X – The Unknown Quantity…what is self care for you or leaves you feeling good?

Y You – You matter, yes, you really do!! Make yourself a priority.

Z Zzzzzzzzzz – Work on creating a consistent sleeping pattern as much as possible

What have I missed? What do you do for self-care or to help you feel better? Let me know.

Self care is an essential part of strengthening your resilience and a topic we cover in my Resilience Training.

Peace & blessings, Sharon