Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca city in the Andes, PeruWhat is Ancient Wisdom and how do we get it?  

I have been pondering this question the last few days.  After researching a number of sources and consulting with myself, I have come up with this : Wisdom in more than knowledge, it is experiential, not just intellectual.  I can have an understanding of something, but until I have experienced it, it is just knowledge.  Wisdom has heart and soul, whereas knowledge is mindful.  Ancient Wisdom therefore would be wisdom sourced in times long gone that has been carried by our soul.


I really like this piece of text too, taken from Song Of The Open Road by Walt Whitman…

Here is the test of wisdom,
Wisdom is not finally tested in schools,
Wisdom cannot be pass’d from one having it to another not having it,
Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof,
Applies to all stages and objects and qualities and is content,
Is the certainty of the reality and immortality of things, and the excellence of things;
Something there is in the float of the sight of things that provokes it out of the soul.


Why, you ask, am I chatting about this?  Good question!!  I have come realise recently that I am the holder of Ancient Wisdom and I suspect you are as well…

Through doing a truckload of reading and research on the topic of dying and death (my appetite is voracious), I am discovering that there is so much that I instinctively or intuitively know.  What experts in the past have discussed, suggested, recommended or even just their beliefs around these experiences totally resonate with me on a much deeper level than intellectual.  I know in my soul that they are my truths as well and in many instances are words that I have used with others.  And this was before I knew of these words.  

It was like when I first started exploring this journey, I had never heard the term ‘death midwife’, but it came to me and I was absolutely stunned to discover it is an actual role.

I believe that there are things in your life for which you are a holder of Ancient Wisdom.  What is it that you are passionate about and seem to have knowledge of that you know you have not gained in this lifetime?  What is it that when you hear it you just know in your soul that it is your truth?  

I believe that for pretty much all of us, there is something that if you spend some time contemplating, you will discover is your ‘thing’ and it is sourced in Ancient Wisdom.  My thing is serving the dying.  I might not have decades of experience in this lifetime, but I know, like I know, like I know that carry within me Ancient Wisdom of how this experience can be done better and in ways that are more loving and peaceful for all involved.  

So, what’s your ‘thing’?  What is it that you are the carrier of Ancient Wisdom?  What gifts from that Wisdom can you share with the rest of us?

Peace & blessings, Sharon