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Chakra Balancing 7 Week Meditation Program


Commencing January 16, 2019 (Australia, New Zealand, Asia etc)
Commencing January 15, 2019 (USA, UK, Canada, Europe etc)

Life Is To Be Lived!!


To our last breath in this physical life, let us live fully, consciously and not just exist.

We have chosen to be here in this human body to experience things that our unlimited selves cannot in the non-physical. But sometimes, that comes with some challenges – even when we are not living with a life limiting condition.

And avoiding regret at the end of our life is also a big thing. So how do we avoid that?

One of the things we can do is to ensure we live life as balanced and in alignment as possible.

Throughout our bodies we have hundreds or energy centres or chakras.  We will focus on the 7 main chakras.

Each of these seven chakras has a purpose, a spiritual lesson and a musical chord that aligns with its vibration.

The benefits of meditation and can be used to balance your chakras.

In this 7 week program, you will have the opportunity to also harness the power of collective intent while balancing your chakras.

Here are their locations within our bodies and a sample of each of the music pieces for the meditations

Starting on Wednesday January 16 or Tuesday January 15, depending on where you are located, we will collectively spend a week focusing on each of the individual chakras through meditation. There will be no late entries into the program once it has started.

At least once a day, at whatever time works for you, you will be asked to commit to listening to the meditation of the week. You are welcome to listen more times if you feel drawn to do so. Each meditation is no longer than 10 minutes, so this is not a huge time commitment – we all have enough going on in our busy lives!!

There is a closed Facebook group to join to share, connect and find support through your journey. You are encouraged to share what you are observing in yourself as you work through this program.

Each week, there will be a FB Live going through the aspects of each chakra. There will also be other FB Lives at various times through the 7 weeks.

We will also do some work aligned with the moon cycles to enhance your work.

Finish the year and survive the silly season feeling balanced and aligned with all that is, within the context of your personal beliefs.



What’s Included

  • All 7 individual meditation tracks
  • Closed Facebook group for sharing and connecting
  • Support through the 7 weeks via the Facebook  group
  • Weekly Facebook Live at the launch of each new week
  • Information sheet every week on each chakra – including information about their purpose, spiritual lessons, statement and crystals that align
  • Collective power of the group focused on balancing/aligning their chakras and yours

AU$47 Total for 7 Weeks

(Approx US$33)

Optional Bonus #2

1 Hour Session with Sharon – $111 (Normally $150)

As well as being a Spiritual Counsellor, Sharon is a Psychic/Medium.

This session can be a counselling session or a psychic/mediumship reading or a combination of both.

Sessions will be undertaken via web video/phone. They are not in person sessions.

Total AU$158

(Approx US$111)

Optional Bonus #3

Individually Customised Meditations with Affirmations – $197

This is a very special offering.

It includes a one hour session with Sharon to discuss what’s happening in your world and the areas in which you would like to create change.

From there, you will select a piece of music from my meditation music library and I will mix this with affirmations created just for you.

This is personal, individual and infused with pure and unconditional love from your Divine Higher Power.

Sessions will be undertaken via web video/phone. They are not in person sessions.

Total AU$244

(Approx US$173)

To purchase either of the bonuses, simply select them when you purchase the Chakra Balancing Program.

Frequently Asked Questions…

I'm not based in Australia. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. This is where I love technology. You can be based anywhere in the world. You just need to be able to commit to listen to each meditation at least once each day of the week at whatever time works for you.

Do I need to meditate at a certain time?

Not at all. Given we will have people in multiple time zones, that could get challenging! You are just asked to listen to the meditation at least once each day.

Can I listen to the meditations more than once?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to listen to them as much as you wish.

I don't know much about chakras. Is this worthwhile for me?

Absolutely. Through the program you will receive information about the each of the chakras via both email and within the closed Facebook group.

I'm very well versed in chakras. Why would I participate?

Great. Even when we know a lot about our chakras, we can still need to balance/align them. You would probably also be aware of the power of collective intent and group work. You are most welcome to participate and receive benefit from the collective focus.

Can I keep the meditations when the program is finished?

Absolutely. The meditations are yours to keep forever.

Do I have to buy the bonuses up front?

Not at all. You may decide part way through the program that you would like to take advantage of one of the bonuses. In your confirmation email that will be sent after you have purchased the program, you will receive a coupon code that will allow you to purchase your bonus.

Is there any time frame on when the bonus session needs to be held?

You are welcome to have the session anytime through the 7 weeks at a time that is convenient for us both.

Can I have more than one bonus session with you?

Absolutely. Once you have purchased the program, you will receive a coupon code to purchase additional sessions.

I really like these meditations, do you have others?

Yes, I most certainly do 🙂 . There are a variety of meditations available here on the website. Here’s the link