Dignity Therapy

What if you could leave behind your thoughts, feelings, memories and life story for your loved ones to treasure?

  • When did you feel most alive?
  • What would you like your loved ones to remember?
  • What were your most important roles and why?

Dignity Therapy is a therapeutic healing modality that records your words and creates a living memory as you want it to be told.

It is a gentle process and the final product is a legacy document for your loved ones, over which you have final approval.

Much more than a eulogy, this is a process of healing and love.

This is about creating a history of your life which has a focus on your feelings around your experiences – not just a chronological history of your life. This allows your loved ones to really get a deeper understanding of you and what was important to you. This is especially powerful for your children and grandchildren to gain a deeper insight of you as a person before they came along and when they were young.

This is a most gentle, yet powerful therapy that was developed by Dr Harvey Max Chochinov specifically for you as a palliative care patient on your end journey. It was designed specifically to address many of the challenges that patients and their families face as they grapple with the reality of life drawing to a close.

Dignity Therapy is undertaken by having a life review conversation with you. In the conversation, you are asked some open ended questions that include such things as accomplishments, when you felt most alive, hopes and dreams for your loved ones and even messages and/or instructions you wish to be conveyed.

This conversation is audio recorded, transcribed, edited and then created into a legacy document which is returned to you.

This process provides so much opportunity for healing, both for you and your loved ones. I know of one situation where there had been no contact between a lady and her daughters in over 10 years and through this process, contact was resumed and their differences were resolved prior to this lady’s death.

The process is quite quick – usually around 1 week from beginning to end. If you are based in South East Queensland, I can come to you, you do not need to travel to me. If you are located elsewhere, we can use modern technology.

There are 3 – 4 sessions held in the process :

Initial session (Approx 15-20 mins)

I gather basic information from you, give you a copy of the questions and answer any questions you may have.

Interview session (Approx 30-60 mins and up to another 30 mins for further questions and a debrief after the interview)

Usually one session is enough, but depending on how you are feeling and what you wish to share, a second session may be required.

Review session (Approx 30-60mins)

After the interview has been transcribed and the document edited, we then go through the document together and make any changes you wish.
I don’t think it is possible to overestimate the potential healing power of this therapy. One of the things that we often hear about a person’s end journey is that it is imperative that you still be seen as a person who has had a life that has mattered. Dignity Therapy offers a perfect opportunity to communicate that in a way that has significance for you, in your words for your loved ones.

The investment for Dignity Therapy is $297

Dignity Therapy, palliative care, support the dying

Sharon’s Dignity Therapy Sessions are an absolute gift…It allowed me to express the messages I wanted to leave for each of my dearest loved ones, in some cases I would never have a chance to voice these things in person…Dignity Therapy touches the deepest core of our hearts and allows that to communicate it to others in a meaningful way…this document will be there as comfort and inspiration for my family. It’s not about property or assets, it about a message from the heart.

Krishna Everson

Queensland, Aust

Dignity Therapy, support the dying, palliative care