Independent End of Life Celebrant

Family Led Death and After Death Care, Ritual and Ceremony

For Someone Precious

Someone precious in your world has died or is shortly to die. It’s a heart-breaking time. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be a complete tragedy.

Honouring their life is not something to be done in a cookie cutter way – they were special and unique. The ceremony honouring their life should be the same – personal, special and unique.

This work is about creating an individual ceremony that captures the essence of this precious person and the way both they would want to be remembered and how you want to remember them. That includes laughter – yes, it’s OK to laugh at a ceremony.

As an Independent End of Life Celebrant, I work directly with you to create the ceremony, or ceremonies. You are my client and I will advocate for what you want and need within the context of what is legal, safe and beautiful. I take the time to get to know you and your person, to listen to what’s important, to gain and understanding of who they were in our world so that the service we create truly reflects and honours them.

We’ve all been to ceremonies that left us sad or angry or unfulfilled. Done right, ceremony can be a powerful aspect of your grief healing process. Done wrong, it can majorly add trauma when you already emotionally raw and vulnerable.

Ceremonies can take a number of forms:

~ Funeral with your person’s physical body present
~ Memorial with either their ashes or no physical body present
~ Ashes scattering ceremony
~ Multiple ceremonies if there are differing beliefs and/or challenging family dynamics
~ Graveside cermonies
~ Anniversary of death ceremonies
~ Acknowledgement ceremonies – for deaths not previously acknowledged eg stillbirths, abortions, miscarriages

If you’re wanting a personal and unique ceremony created for your person, please give me a call on 0408 34 00 99.  While I am based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, I am open to travelling as appropriate.

Sunlight shining on a hearse

A fabulous pic of a client’s coffin on the New South Wales coast.  I didn’t officiate at this ceremony, but I did speak. It truly was a wonderful celebration of this lady’s life.

For Yourself

You know your life is coming to an end in our physical world. You want to have direction in how your life is remembered in ceremony. You want to make things a bit easier for your loved ones by having some plans in place.

I can work with you to understand all that is important to you and how you want the ceremony to unfold. 

I can also work with you and your loved ones for any ceremony or rituals to happen before your death or just after.

While your departure from our world is sad for those who love you, elements can be included to help the healing process and lighten their experience, without denying what they are all feeling.

You can also be involved with choosing and/or decorating your coffin, casket or shroud. This decorating can even be ceremony in and of itself whether it be on your own or a process with those you hold dear.

If you’d like me to help you craft the way you want to be honoured and remembered, please contact me on 0408 34 00 99.

Yes, this is what I wore for a funeral – at the client’s request!!

…we just want to thank you for everything you have done for us. 
Grandma was so pleased and said you were wonderful. 
You made the hardest time in our lives just that little bit more bearable, so thank you.
Family of Pat McDonough