End of Life Doula Services

What is end End of Life Doula? If you’ve seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then you know that all words are sourced in the Greek, and this is true for Doula. Doula is a female servant, or a female who serves.

In this context, an End of Life Doula provides non-medical care and support to assist the person on their end journey and/or those close to them.

These are some of the services that are offered as an End of Life Doula.  This is not an extensive list and when we talk further, we can discuss your particular needs and a plan is made specifically for your care.

End of Life Care Planning/Documentation

Having end of life care documentation, or advance care planning documentation, quite simply in place makes life easier for those closest to you who will be responsible for your care if there comes a time when you are unable to communicate your wishes for yourself.

I had one lady share her experience with me at a function I spoke at. She said that when her husband was dying, their four sons all tried to say, “Dad would want this” and “Dad would want that” and there was much fighting. She was able to pull out his Advance Health Directive and say, “This is what Dad wants”. She said that it shut down the fights immediately. 

The paperwork can look overwhelming, but it’s truly not quite as bad as it looks.  It can be helpful to sit down with someone who’s not emotionally invested and work through it all.

I can assist you if you don’t have your end of life care documentation in place, or if they need reviewing.  Documents include Advance Health Directive, Powers of Attorney, Wills, End of Life Plan Form

Spiritual/Emotional Support

This can be a spiritually and emotionally challenging time.  Sometimes you need a safe space to release all that you are experiencing. Someone who’ll just sit and listen and be present with you; who’ll bear witness to what you’re experiencing. That’s something that is rare these days.

This support can be provided over the phone/web or in person.

Social Care/Support

Sometimes, you just want/need company, to not be alone, to have someone to share some activities with. I can also be a companion, to be with you at home or on outings as you need/desire.

This service can also involve accompanying you to medical appointments if desired.

Memory/Legacy Projects

Do you want to leave some precious memory/legacy items for some of the precious people in your world? Is it sorting all those recipes that have been handed down through generations? Is it scanning in photos so they are protected for eons to come? Let’s get creative!! This can be videos, photo collages, creative pieces…

Care Team Co-Ordination and Support

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child and the same can be said for creating good dying/death experiences.

This service generally involves identifying who in your circle can do what to assist in the journey and helping to get a schedule in place. The beauty of this is that most people want to be able to something practical to help, but don’t know what/how/when etc.  This solves that issue.

Your team may also need some care and support. This can also be provided to members of your family, friends and/or care team.

Funeral/Celebration of Life Planning

Have you thought about how you would like your life to be celebrated? Would you like a pre-wake so that you can hear all the fabulous things people want to say about you? Did you know that someone precious in your world can lead the service?  Do you know all the options that are available to you for this?

This is another one of those tasks that can seem overwhelming. I can sit with you and help you work through you options.


This is a sacred role of sitting with you in your final days or hours, energetically supporting your final steps in our physical world.

After Death Care

In days gone by, we cared for our deceased at home, lovingly tending to their body, bathing and anointing them, dressing them and so forth. This also gave loved ones who remain the time to make some peace and allow some healing to take place. 

This is still possible. There are some specific factors around preservation that need to be considered to facilitate this, but it can happen.

This is something that can be particularly valuable for bereaved parents of babies or young children.

I can guide and nurture you in this precious time.

Fees for End of Life Doula Services

The first meeting of up to 1 hour is free of charge. During that meeting, we will explore your situation, see if we connect with each other (this is vital) and I will explain the process of how we would work together.

Most of the work can be delivered either in person or via the web/phone. I have served clients both interstate and overseas.

Casual rates for End of Life Doula work are $150ph 

Blocks of 5hrs can be purchased in advance for $555 ($111ph)
For ongoing support, another 5hr block will be billed when 4hrs of the previous block has been used
Payment terms are immediate for the first block and 7 days for all other blocks

Discounts are offered for blocks of more than 5hrs paid in advance

Travel more than 30mins of my home in Noosaville in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland will attract an additional charge.
Interstate travel can be included, but at additional expense.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card

Other services are also available, but these are outside of the scope of the End of Life Doula work.

Please click on the links to read more detailed information about each of the services.  All of these services have an additional charge that is separate to the End of Life Doula services.