Christmas has no religious significance for me, but we used to celebrate it lots in times gone by – it was all about family. The last few years we have not really celebrated…it just hasn’t felt the same/right since quite a few of our loved ones died.  We also had no little peoples in our world, which seems to be the other aspect that makes Christmas come alive.

This year is different.

This year we have two x 2yr old grandies…

Our four kids are spread across three states, so getting them together in the one state is a challenge and it won’t happen this year.

We are however having our two daughters and our two grandies in the one state at the same time. Our eldest daughter and our grandson are coming to stay with us for a few days prior to Christmas. And I am massively excited!! I haven’t managed to see them since February, so it will be wonderful to have them here.

Then there’s the flip side…I struggle at Christmas and this year is no different. In fact, in some ways, it’s kinda worse…

You see, I feel a bit like I am dishonouring my loved ones who are no longer here because I am so excited this year.

And yes, I can hear you all now…I know that I am not and I know that they are thrilled for us and will energetically be a part of the celebrations. I just miss them so bloody much!! Christmas just hasn’t felt right without them here…

There’s been a meme doing the rounds on FB about how the first Christmas (among all the other firsts) is hard. But you know what, it’s not just the first…we are over 20 years for some of our loved ones not being here in the physical and they are still very much missed.

So we’ve created something this year…when I was at a big shopping centre last week, I saw a place that personalises ornaments. I knew exactly what we needed – personalised baubles for some of our loved ones who have left our physical world. We also got one for each of our grandies as well.

We will celebrate Christmas early and while our family won’t be all be together in the one place, we will still celebrate. Other family traditions will be honoured – my Mum’s coleslaw; truffles and Christmas is just not complete without her shortbreads. I’m not making them this year – I have passed that task to one of my sister’s-in-law who makes them so beautifully.

When the tears well, I allow them to gently flow, knowing that they only fall because of the great love I got to share with these peeps. I will also laugh and celebrate and feel my heart explode with all the love.

You might be grieving, you might be caring, you might know that this is the last Christmas you will get to share…if you’re struggling too, go gently with yourself. Don’t resist what you feel as that just creates a whole host of other issues. 

Know too, that Christmas Day is just after the next full moon…so energies will be extra heightened as well.

If you’re feeling like you need a safe space to release all that you’re feeling or you’re wanting a psychic/mediumship session, you can book one with me through here…

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I wish you all the blessings of the holiday seasons – whatever your beliefs may be. And here’s to a fantastic 2019.

Peace & blessings, Sharon