Mick JaggerThis item on the radio news caught my ear this morning, so I went in search of the article.  Clearly, there are a number of things going on here and of course, no one but the parties involved is fully aware of all of the details.  What saddens me here is that there is judgement around what is OK when someone is grieving and what is not.




Grief in every way is a totally unique journey.  It is not for anyone to say what is OK for someone to do or not do.  Provided we are acting within the bounds of individual responsibility, my belief is that we need to allow our grief to be.


I don’t know how the article came to be, but this type of reporting does not serve anyone.  In spite of being a public figure, Mick is entitled to a private life.  How does this article help anybody? It is dripping with judgement from a number of fronts and L’Wren’s sister is clearly still struggling with her grief and this in numerous ways would aggravate that situation for her.  My main question is, how is this even news to start with?  I think the main line in this article that is so judgmental is this “Fans having their 19th nervous breakdown over Jagger’s seeming lack of ongoing sorrow…”  So not only are they exacerbating L’Wren’s sister’s grief, but they are also then encouraging fans to judge Mick and they straight out imply that he is lacking in ongoing sorrow.  How dare they??  Do they know what’s going on in the heart and mind of Mick Jagger?  I think not!!


I’ll step off my soapbox now…no one but Mick knows how he is handling/process/experiencing his grief or not experiencing it.  No one but Mick knows what he needs to do or not do.  I believe that no one has the right to tell another how they must grieve.


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