This week is National Palliative Care Week and the theme this year is Dying to Talk; Talking About Dying Won’t Kill You.  This series of videos/blogs is to help you be more PRESENT when with your loved who is on their end journey.  Today we look at the first E, which stands for Enquire.  Ask about everything & don’t assume.

Sometimes, our loved ones on their end journey may not fully disclose all that they are experiencing as they don’t want to cause any ‘trouble’ or to be a ‘bother’.  They may not fully express how much pain they are suffering or what else may be going on for them.  Ask, don’t assume.

It’s also about asking what they want in terms of how they want their end journey to be.  As mentioned yesterday with religious/spiritual beliefs, people’s outlooks can often change when they have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness/disease.  Check in with them & don’t assume that thoughts they have always had are still the same.

After my sister’s journey with cancer & treatment, my Mum said she would never have chemo.  That changed after she herself was diagnosed with cancer.  She didn’t have much, just enough to ensure that she got to meet her first great grandchild.

So the tip for today is enquire, don’t assume.

Peace & Blessings, Sharon