This week is National Palliative Care Week and the theme this year is Dying to Talk; Talking About Dying Won’t Kill You.  This series of videos/blogs is to help you be more PRESENT when with your loved who is on their end journey.  Today we look at the S, which stands for Sacred.

The dying & death journey is an absolutely sacred experience.  Irrespective of what you do & don’t believe from a religious/spiritual perspective about what happens after we physically die, this journey is the end of someone’s physical life on this Earth & that deserves respect, it deserves reverence & it is sacred.

There are so many ways that this journey can be honoured & one of those is to ensure that sacred space is created around the person on their end journey.  Declutter & ensure that there are treasures that are precious.  Also ensure that the environment is honoured in terms of the conversations that are held.  This is not the place for disputes or squabbles.  This is a place for sensitive discussion, this is a place for laughter, this is a place for creating some more precious memories, this is a place for connecting deeply & lovingly.

If you are on your end journey, or sharing it with a loved one that is & you need some guidance and/or support, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peace & blessings, Sharon