This week is National Palliative Care Week and the theme this year is Dying to Talk; Talking About Dying Won’t Kill You.  This series of videos/blogs is to help you be more PRESENT when with your loved who is on their end journey.  Today we look at the T, which stands for Treat.

In this context it is about treating your loved one as a whole person, as some precious in your world that still has value & worth…because they do.  They are not just their disease/illness/medical condition; they are not just someone who is dying; they are your loved one.  Just as we wear multiple hats for all the different roles we fulfill in our lives, so too for your loved one.

I’ve had people ask me “How do I talk to someone who is dying?” My answer is “How do you talk to someone who is living?” This person is still alive.  There may need to be some extra sensitivities etc, but this is still your loved one.

This of course, is the last in this series.  I truly hope that you have received much benefit from it & please let me know which of the videos has been the most powerful one for you.

Peace & blessings, Sharon