Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care

Heart and Soul Coaching

Get to the nuts and bolts of a situation to get it resolved

You’ve got a particular problem, situation or challenge that you’re dealing with.

You may have made little or no progress and know that you want and need some help. You feel so incredibly alone and even wonder if it will ever get resolved. Sometimes you feel like you’ve absolutely got it sorted, other times in feels like a mountain you simply can’t even think about climbing. You’re exhausted.

Heart and Soul Coaching can make a difference.

That’s a pretty bold statement, huh? If you’re ready to do the work, I’m here ready to help you, support you, guide you, nurture you, give you gentle butt kicks and hold you as you transform yourself.

Yes, that’s you doing the work. Because if you don’t, I promise you, nothing will change. The flip side? When you do do the work, the euphoria, the pride, the elation that you will feel is bloody awesome!!  Your heart and soul will feel expansive and nourished.

And I know this because I’ve been there, too.

Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care

How it works and What you get

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck, it can make life easier and clearer when you have a plan. Here’s how Heart and Soul Coaching works :

~ The program runs for 8 weeks

~ Together we create a goal or goals that you wish to achieve in the 8 weeks

~ There will be one coaching call per week – up to 60 mins

~ There will be one check in call per week – up to 30 mins

~ These two weekly calls will be a few days apart and scheduled

~ You will receive tools and processes to work through

~ There will be rituals aligned with the lunar cycle

~ You will receive suggestions for crystal gemstones to support your progress

~ You will receive guidance from Spirit, Source, Universe, God, Goddess etc, whatever terms work for you

~ You will receive meditations

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…


Commitment truly is not something of which to be afraid.

In this instance, it’s simply saying this is something I want to achieve and I’m prepared to do the work to achieve it.

It starts with you

But you’re not alone.

You’ve got a coach cheering you on, believing that you can achieve your goal, helping you to remember this and celebrating your wins.

Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care
Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care
Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care
Heart and Soul Coaching | Spiritual Care

Your Investment :

Pay in Full

Should you wish to make a payment plan, please contact me and we can discuss the options that would work for both of us.


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