Quick Help

Quick Help

You have something that you want some assistance with and you know you don’t need a full session.  You might even think you know the answer, but you simply want to bounce it off someone impartial. That’s where purchasing a Quick Help reading might be just what you need.

Working with a combination of oracle cards, divine guidance, your highest self and possibly connecting with Kuan Yin, you will get the support answer you need. Please note that word need, not necessarily want!! Your highest self and all the divine energies with which I work have your highest and best good at their pure intent. I am also about empowering and supporting you to be the best and happiest version of you.

If you aren’t aware of her, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of love and compassion who is connected with our heart chakra. Her energy is gentle yet strong and she always gives messages that light up your heart and soul.

All you need to do is click on the link below to purchase, fill in your question or area that you want some guidance on in the comments and I will send you a response within 24-48 business hours.

Please note, the quick help is limited to one question/area/topic.  If you are needing more assistance than this, you would be best purchasing a Psychic/Mediumship Counselling session.

Some of the Oracle Cards that may be used to help answer your question

Oracle Cards
Oracle Cards

At the cart in the Order Notes, write your question or the area for which you wish to receive guidance.

If you have a preference for a set of Oracle Cards or input from Kuan Yin, please also advise this. If you don’t express a preference, I will intuitively select for you.  The answer will be sent to you within 24-48 business hours.


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