Psychic Readings

Being able to connect to Source, The Universe, Divine Higher Power, All That Is, whatever the name is that you call it, is actually something that every single person can do.

You don’t need a third party like me to connect to that wisdom, as we are all a part of it. It’s your intuition, it’s your inner knowing, it’s your gut instinct.

Sometimes though, you might want to. That’s where I can help.

I connect with your angels and guides, along with my angels and guides.  

I use a variety of oracle cards as well and often end up laughing with clients over how literal and repetitive some of the messages of the cards can be.  It’s certainly never dull 🙂

I’m also a channel for Kuan Yin, the Goddess of love and compassion who is connected with our heart chakra. Her energy is gentle yet strong and she always gives messages that light up your heart and soul.

If you are needing some guidance, book a session and let’s see what the gang want you to know.

Mediumship Readings

You might also want to connect with a loved one who is no longer in our physical world. Of course, there’s no guarantees that they will come through, or it may be that a different loved one comes through and gives you a message that you needed to here. That’s where I can help.

The gift of being able to connect with loved ones no longer in the physical is truly special. I came to this work with a healthy level of doubt and skepticism and I am really particular about providing enough evidence about who I am connecting with so that you are in now doubt that I have who I say I have.

Having had many of my precious loved ones leave our physical world, I have an understanding of how important it can be to reconnect with them and the comfort that comes from receiving messages from them.

Sessions are held over the web, are recorded and sent to you in case you ever want/need to refer back to them.

Readings Pricing

Readings are charged in the same way as casual Spiritual Counselling sessions – there is often similarities in the work.

Readings are offered in a variety of lengths – please select the length which would suit you best. All prices are in Australian Dollars :

One Hour – $150
(Approx US$110)

One & a Half Hours – $210
(Approx US$155)

Two Hours – $250
(Approx US$185)

After you have purchased, I will be in touch within 24 business hours and we will work out a mutually convenient time for your session.