Photo used with permission. Copyright Pinni B Photography

I’d like you to meet Jayne. That’s her pic above. 

Jayne was a client of mine and we worked together for 14 months, until she died in June 2018.

Jayne began working with me as she wanted some professional support to assist her die consciously, to die on her own terms and to address some of the spiritual/emotional aspects of her journey which were causing her some challenges.  Jayne had also experienced some substantial abuse in her life and the healing of these experiences were another dimension of her journey.

Jayne’s words below convey what she got from our work together…

Sharon offered me something that nobody else was offering me.  A non judgemental attitude, an acceptance of where I was at, and permission to let go the way that I wanted.  She was interested in what I felt my body was telling me, and was able to clarify for me, what was going on spiritually and emotionally, so that I could move forward with ease.
Every session that I had with Sharon, enlightened and supported me.  There was a lot more to let go of than I had realised, and a lot more emotional healing to be done.
Thank you Sharon, for your love and support.
You’ve really helped me to have a peaceful, loving death and dying experience.


Sydney, NSW

No matter whether your focus in on living well or dying well or both, ‘stuff’ is going to come up for you. This human experience we are living is inherent with some challenges. Most of the time, you could be able to deal with life, but every now and then, you may want/need some support.

Spiritual counselling is ‘normal’ counselling that has the added benefit of providing support and guidance from beings in other realms and some of the work being based in pure energy. It’s not just about your emotional and mental health, but your spiritual health as well.

The focus of the work is on helping you to heal yourself by providing a safe space for you to connect to the truth and divinity within you. You have the answers to the challenges in your world, sometimes you just need some support to help you reconnect with yourself.

All sessions will generally include connecting with your angel and guides, and possibly loved ones in spirit.  I use a variety of oracle cards as well and often end up laughing with clients over how literal and repetitive with messages some of the cards can be.  It’s certainly never dull 🙂

The work we do is underpinned with the one intent from yours truly – how can I assist you to empower yourself?  You may be lovingly challenged, you may get some exercises to do on your own, you WILL be supported and encouraged.

You may just need one or two sessions to release and work through a particular challenge or you may need a little bit longer. If you want something longer, I also offer a 3 month intensive mentoring program designed to help you bust through an issue. Either way, know that you are supported and encouraged to be the best possible version of you.

Sessions are held over the web, are recorded and sent to you in case you ever want/need to refer back to them.

Casual Sessions

Casual sessions are just that, casual.  You know you need to talk to someone about something, but you also know that you don’t need a whole heap of sessions. You want a safe space where you can just explore what’s going on for you and work it through. That’s what these sessions are for.

Casual sessions are offered in a variety of lengths – please select the length which would suit you best. All prices are in Australian Dollars :

One Hour – $150
(Approx US$110)

One & a Half Hours – $210
(Approx US$155)

Two Hours – $250
(Approx US$185)

After you have purchased, I will be in touch within 24 business hours and we will work out a mutually convenient time for your session.