How To Strengthen Your Resilience So You Can

Enjoy Your Work Again As A

Health And Care Professional In Ways That Are Simple To Do

Working as a health or care professional is your calling.

But sometimes, the struggles can get overwhelming…

* Juggling the caring and administrative aspects of your role
* Balancing client/patient desires with that of others in their care circle
* The challenges that come with life in general…outside of work

All of these can wear you down and potentially lead to burnout and desensitisation in your role…which is not your intent. You are called to this work (or it called to you) because you are a compassionate health and care professional.


By strengthening your resilience you can reduce the stress and the overwhelm and focus more on compassionately caring for those you are serving.

In this FREE webinar

You’ll learn:
* Why resilience is important and benefits of healthy resilience
* Signs and symptoms of burnout/desensitisation
* Three strategies for strengthening your resilience

This will be a content rich 60 minute webinar, so ensure you are ready with pen and paper to take lots of notes.

We can’t deny that we live in an ageing society…

According to Council on the Ageing’s (COTA’s) State of the (Older) Nation 2018 report, almost one third of our population is aged 50 or over. And as we age, there will be a greater need for health and care services.

This means there will be more pressures placed on folks just like you. Hopefully workforces will expand to meet the needs, but we know that that doesn’t always happen.

Yet you truly love your work and caring for the people you serve. 

The challenge is juggling it all, along with all the normal challenges that life throws at us.

All of this can test your resilience. If you don’t have tools, techniques and strategies to help you cope with it all, you could find yourself burning out or becoming desensitised – not what you want.

This webinar will help you start to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

This webinar is for you if you are:

  • Working in an aged care environment – either facility or community based
  • A nurse of any qualification level
  • A care worker of any qualification level
  • A therapist of any modality
  • A doctor and/or specialist

Pretty much anyone who works as a health or care professional, but especially so if you struggle with resilience in your life

In my work, I see professionals like you every day doing your absolute best to provide quality and compassionate care for the people you are serving. I get it, that’s my goal too. But sometimes, there’s other aspects of the work, along with life in general, that can really test our resilience.

Professionally, I’m a spiritual counsellor and specialist trainer. I’ve trained dozens of people in these tools and techniques to help you really strengthen your resilience.

Personally, I’ve had more than my fair share of life challenges, including some mental health issues, that have resulted in my needing to use the techniques I teach to help me maintain and strengthen my own resilience. I don’t teach anything that I haven’t used and found beneficial – I’m big on walking my talk.

I invite you to attend this free webinar and start working on strengthening your resilience so you can enjoy your work more and stress less.

See you there.

Peace & blessings, Sharon

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1st October, 2019

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