Resilience Training specifically developed for end of life experiences, whether you’re a loved one, health or care professional or volunteer

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End of life can be a bloody challenging time.

There, I said it.

Whether it’s someone precious in your world,

Whether it’s the patient under your care,

Whether it’s the elder you care for in your work,

Whether it’s someone you’ve gotten close to where you volunteer…

No matter the situation, the end of life space can test the resilience of even the hardiest soul.

And that’s not throwing in the rest of the challenges that life can throw at us…kids, parents, siblings, friends, work, health, financial, existential…

How do you ensure that your resilience stays strong?

resilience, nurse, aged care, community care, mindfulness, burnout, desensitisation, spiritual, end of life, palliative

If you don’t know me, my name is Sharon Tregoning and I’ve come to know a bit about resilience in both my personal and professional worlds.


  • I’ve lived with depression for over a third of my life


  • I’ve had two major surgical operations (for one I was 11hrs on the operating table)


  • I had four of my precious loved ones die in just five years


  • I serve our dying, their loved ones and the care professionals who support them in my professional work

Resilience is something that we all innately have, but when those big challenges come along we can find ourselves using the ‘grit our teeth and push through’ version of resilience which makes us feel brittle and fragile rather than the ‘ease and grace’ version of resilience which is an infinitely easier journey.

If you’re sometimes not as resilient as you have been in days gone by or that you want to be more resilient, that’s OK. It doesn’t mean you’re failing; it means you’re having a human experience.

resilience, nurse, aged care, community care, mindfulness, burnout, desensitisation, spiritual, end of life, palliative

Most of us need some support in one way or another.

This is one way that you can help yourself to grow, to strengthen your resilience so you can feel a bit more superhero-ish….let’s not get too carried way 😉

To help you build better coping skills during emotionally challenging times, I have created an intimate, interactive course called Strengthen Your Resilience.

Specifically, it’s customised for people living or working in the end of life space as there’s particular sensitivities that comes into play at this time.

In the course, we will:

  • Identify where your resilience is currently at, without judgement, just understanding
  • Define what resilience is, particularly as it relates to end of life
  • Look at why resilience is important, and specifically it’s link to mental health challenges
  • Work through some techniques and strategies to help you strengthen your resilience
  • Do some meditations, that you will get to keep

If you are a professional who needs Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours/points, this course will provide you with eight hours towards your CPD.

You can join this interactive course from the comfort of your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device via our video conference tool Zoom – we’ll be able to see each other and converse like we are sitting around the kitchen table.

It is limited to just 6 people, to ensure an intimate experience where you have plenty of opportunity to participate, ask questions and get valuable support throughout.

The course is very interactive with lots of group discussion and connection to the other participants.

It’s delivered over four weeks, so it’s not overwhelming.

I know sometimes you feel you need to just struggle through, but let’s be honest here, we both know that’s not healthy as a long term strategy.

Resilience doesn’t deny the struggle, the challenge, the hurt. It acknowledges all of those feelings and experiences, and it knows that the they are not permanent.

You can do this. You can strengthen your resilience. You can learn how to live the end of life experience with more peace and grace. You just need a bit of support to get you there and that’s what I’m for. To nurture you, to support you, to encourage you and to equip you.

This course is interactive in nature, it’s not a 8hr lecture presentation. 

There are group discussions, activities and videos, all with an underlying energy of personal development.  If you prefer academic style presentations, this workshop might not be for you.

You will also get to experience the meditations that you get to keep.

This training used to be delivered as a half day workshop, but due to extra content and feedback from previous participants, it is now offered as a full day training.

This training can also be delivered to the staff/volunteers within your organisation.

Please give me a call on 0408 34 00 99 if you wish to discuss this option further