How To Strengthen Your Resilience So You Can

Enjoy Your Work Again As A

Health And Care Professional In Ways That Are Simple To Do

Working as a health or care professional is your calling.

But sometimes, the struggles can get overwhelming…

* Juggling the caring and administrative aspects of your role
* Balancing client/patient desires with that of others in their care circle
* The challenges that come with life in general…outside of work

All of these can wear you down and potentially lead to burnout and desensitisation in your role…which is not your intent. You are called to this work (or it called to you) because you are a compassionate health and care professional.

By strengthening your resilience you can reduce the stress and the overwhelm and focus more on compassionately caring for those you are serving.

Here’s what inside:

  • Comprehensive Online Training that covers practical strategies and actions you can implement to strengthen your resilience.  This online training includes topics such as mindset, grief, self-care and much more.  Complete the quiz at the end of the course to get a Certificate of Completion detailing CPD points achieved.

    (Value $297)


  • Two Peaceful Meditations One designed specifically to connect you into your heart and the other to build your resilience.

    (Value $55)


  • Lifetime Access This means that when you’re facing some challenges in your world you can go back to the lessons and give yourself a boost.

    (Value Priceless)


  • Access to Our Worldwide Online Community Join others on the journey and get support as you are going through the course as well as connect with other care professionals in a safe and sacred space.
    (Value Over $1,100 per year)

Total Value $1,512


Exclusive ‘Founders-Only’ Group Coaching Call Live With Sharon
(valued at $150)

In this call we get real around the challenges you face in strengthening your resilience.  It will be a mind and heart opening session that will open the door for you to gain the most from this powerful course.

Pre-Launch Live Q & A Session with Sharon
(valued at $150)

This session will be your opportunity to have a chat about resilience, ask questions and be supported in
a safe and sacred space.

Early Access To The Online Community (value $97)

Total Value of Founder’s Only Bonuses $397


Total Value of Course, Bonuses and Founders’ Bonuses – Over $1,900

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As we are still in pre-launch phase, you won’t receive access to the course until launch on September 24. You will receive an email detailing how to get your bonuses within 24hrs of your purchase.

Here’s more information about individual modules and some of what we cover…

  • What is your level of Resilience?
    Because we are all curious about ourselves and do those silly quizzes on Facebook about What Disney Princess are you or What Stars Wars character are you?
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability
    If you want to strengthen your resilience, you need to be genuine, with yourself and some others in your world. That takes being authentic and yes, also preparedness to be vulnerable. Stop and think about someone you admire who expressed themselves in a particularly vulnerable way. Did you respect them? Vulnerability is something that we embrace as courageous in others, yet we shun as a weakness in ourselves. Why is that?
  • Responsibility
    Responsibility in this context looks at how we choose to respond to situations and the effect that has on the outcome of a situation. We also look at what is and isn’t our responsibility.
  • Consciousness
    Consciousness is not the conscious level of those we are serving. It’s how aware we are of what’s happening around us and also within us. What’s going on for us physically, emotionally and behaviourally.
  • Perception
    How we perceive things can have a big impact on how we respond. Sometime with this one as well it can be the our relationship with a messenger rather than the message that determines our response. Have you got a teenager in your world? Ever had the experience of sharing some wisdom with them and they blow you off, yet someone else can share the exact same wisdom and they take it as the gospel truth? Hmmm, yup…
  • Meditation
    Meditation has been proven to have a positive impact on stress levels and how we feel. We look at this is greater detail as well as giving you a couple of meditations.
  • Attitude/Mindset
    There’s a lot about our attitudes that determine our resilience – Are we positive? Do we catastrophise? Do we accept change as part of life? etc. We explore in detail the power of attitude and mindset in strengthening our resilience.
  • Self-care – we cover a truckload in this component, it could be a course all on its own…
    We all know that self-care is important, but it still gets pushed to the back burner. We look at exactly why it’s important then we look at a whole host of strategies and ways that you can self-nurture without breaking the bank.
  • Gratitude
    The power of having an attitude of gratitude cannot be overestimated. It’s one of the key practices for me that help maintain some balance in my world.
  • Embrace – we cover more than just hugs!!
    In this section we also look accepting and embracing ourselves as well as all the hug information as well as looking a touch therapies…yes, they are a real thing!!
  • Grief
    Firstly allowing ourselves to grieve and then the way in which we experience that grief can have a cumulative effect on our resilience.

Yes! I want to become a Founder of Strengthen Your Resilience for just


What others have said…

Last year, I delivered most of this content in workshops around the state and interstate. It received a truckload of positive responses. This is what some of the participants have said:

  • Beautiful, beneficial and very relevant
  • I found it suitable for my needs both personally and professionally
  • The training gave me the tools and skills to know when I need a break so I don’t burn out
  • If you are either seeking to be more resilient in your life or need a kick ass confidence boost, gift yourself and do this training
  • With your insight and direction I was able to find my centre more quickly than I would have on my own

Yes! I want to become a Founder of Strengthen Your Resilience for just