I had the honour of starting to servThe Power of Surrendere a new client this week.  It’s been a while as my focus has been elsewhere, but the paths of this lady and I were clearly meant to cross.

This was as a result of a referral from an agency, so I had some awareness of her situation and knew in advance that there are a number of challenges in play that made this lady’s situation quite complicated.

Without providing too much information, let’s just say that anger and feeling totally betrayed were front and centre for this lady and they were truly understandable responses.  The first hour was spent with her releasing so much.  It was clear that she needed to be heard (don’t we all?) and she needed a safe space to let it all out. This is an important aspect of the work I do – creating a totally safe and protected space.

I got very clearly that meditation could be a very powerful tool for this lady to use in her world to help her cope, so I suggested playing just a short one to start, for her to experience.  She was new to meditation and while a little hesitant, was prepared to give it a try.

So I played a short meditation – less than 10 mins – and held space for her, surrounding her in pure and unconditional love.  What happened next was nothing short of unbelievably impactful.  She allowed herself to be fully in the experience.  Energetically, she went somewhere clearly very precious to her and she truly wasn’t in our realm.  I gently held her and then she literally surrendered, collapsing into my arms.  The look on her face and the transformation in her and the energy in the room was nothing short of sublime.  I wish I could accurately convey all that was going on, but there truly are no words that can do it all justice.

The peace that now enveloped this lady and the way she allowed it to find a home within her was incredibly humbling to witness.

People ask me if my work is hard or sad – hell no!!  Re-read what transpired – it is the greatest blessing to be able to facilitate this type of experience.

Allow yourself to experience pure and unconditional love, trust me, it’s so worth surrendering to the experience.

Peace & blessings, Sharon