One of the greatest gifts of this work serving the dying, is that because it is energetic in nature, animals are able to be assisted as well as their humans.

I truly believe that animals are sentient beings, this is not exclusive to our human domain.

I was honoured recently to be able to serve a dear friend, Leigh, and her fur baby, Jefferson.

Jefferson had some issues and it became clear that Leigh would need to have him released from our physical world.  Leigh, knowing my work, messaged me and asked if I had any experience with helping dogs passing?  Yes, actually, I have. 

The mind blowing and particularly cool part of this story – Leigh is in Alabama, USA and I was across the globe on the other side of the planet.  Another of the gifts of this work being energetic in nature.

I connected in to Jefferson and he was well aware that it was his time.  He showed his personality in a number of ways and even got quite cheeky at one stage.  Leigh has some big plans and one of the reasons he was accepting of his time was that he wants to be able to support her from the other side of the realm.

I was able to pass on messages to Leigh that gave her so much comfort.  That is the aim of the work – being able to pass on messages that will facilitate healing for both the giver and the receiver.

This is the same with humans in their final days/hours as well, even if they are unconscious. 

Connection to other sentient beings is one of our deepest needs.

This work reminds me that there is no separation from one another, we are all parts of a collective consciousness on another plane and we simply need to have purity of intent to connect into one another at the deepest soul level.